Sunday, June 8, 2008

Please, call me Frog.

This is where I shall write my thoughts. They're gaining in number uncontrollably, and they need to be contained. More so now than ever, since finding out that I am living with HIV. Wow, that felt awkward. Reading what I just typed felt surreal, unsettling, troubling. I am currently fighting the urge to hit the backspace. HIV is not something you want to associate to yourself in writing if you are as insecure as I am. I am, however, on a mission to preserve my sanity by saying what I have to say, especially now that I am being forced to curtail my sentiments for the sake of my relationship. Not to mention that the Internet offers a veil of anonymity, under which I shall cower as I type bravely. Oh and yes, I am in a relationship. The discordant type. We are both suffering from my condition, and it pains me to see him buckle under the pressure of tending to the sick. My support system can only handle so much, and I don't want to overload it.

I am unloading my burden here, limited only by character spacing, inarticulateness, and IT department blocking. Fuck you, HIV. We've new weapons.

Oh, and read Murakami's After the Quake. Please, call me Frog.


rik32miles said...

so sorry about your predicament..hope you find strenght and hope..and hope to hear more from you.

green_xuanya said...

Fuck you, HIV. We've new weapons.

- I would have clicked LIKE if this was your FB status c",) Just began ARVs myself. 1st day today. Goodluck to us :)